Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You said 6 miles right?

January 12, 2010

I have to giggle every time I tell someone I'm walking 60 miles for a CURE and they look at me and say, "You said 6 miles right".  I simply smile & say, "Nope I said 60" and they look at me like I've lost my mind.  This morning during my quiet time I've been thinking about the BOLDNESS that it takes to make a stand for anything your passionate about.  Whatever it may be it takes guts to stand up for what you believe in which is why I'm soooo honored to be part of this group of women and men who are taking this journey.  This is about making a mark on the world & letting people know you cared.  Leaving a legacy of empowerment...of kindness...of power coupled with compassion. 

Today I did my 30 minutes on the bike & walk .6 miles.  Its amazing to think that in less than a year I'll be walking so much more than that (I dont even know the math) & that the sense of accomplishment I have today will be amplified into something I can't express because I've done something so BOLD not for myself but for others & it happened to benefit me in the end.  What an amazing country we live in that we have the opportunity to be BOLD for our beliefs & our desires to end something so tramatic as cancer.  So if anyone's reading this, go be BOLD & find something that allows you the opportunity to make your mark on this world.  Find your finish line, see it, & reach it!

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