Saturday, January 9, 2010

My eyelids sweat?

January 9, 2010

I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to today.  It's Saturday but not just any Saturday.  Its one of those cold, yet sunny midwest Saturdays where your calendar is still kind of clear because everyone's recovering from the holidays & your home is fairly clean from putting away the holiday decorations.  In short, there's little to do & little to be responsible for on this glorious January weekend.  Now it's important to know that I have a real dislike for cold & snow (& we have plenty of both) but for some reason this year it's not bothering me too much.  Its like I've come to an understanding that Mother Earth needs rest just as we all do before performing the various miracles we're called upon to do throughout the rest of the year.  There I go with the drama again...

Given my short to do list I decided to lounge a little & not get up at 6:30 like normal.  I gave myself an extra hour of down time before deciding I'd get my workout in and start the day.  I remembered something from my past workout life (many years ago) about weekend workouts.  Its a great time for that little extra when we'll push up those hills on the 3 day...a little extra effort or a few unexpected minutes of additional "oomph" because who cares if you're extra sweaty on a Saturday morning.  So I pushed adding extra speed and a few extra minutes to my workout.  It felt great I didn't find myself thinking about how soon it would be over or really about anything.  I was simply in the moment of pushing myself to my goal while rockin out to the Black Eyed Peas.  I was soaked from sweating in a gym that I thought was freezing cold when I walked into.  I was working out so hard I could feel my eyelids sweating.  Yes, my eyelids.  I had no idea that was even possible but there I was eyelid sweat & all.  I felt like an actual "fit person" know the kind of person who gets the rush from the workout & walks away soaked saying "THAT WAS AMAZING!" I don't even like those people...because who really likes that feeling????  But today, I was one of them & it felt pretty darn good. 

I took another important step in training for a 60 mile walk by getting fitted for the right shoes today.  I dropped in to the 3 Rivers Running Company here in Fort Wayne & met the nicest woman there named Pam.  Pam, my shoe expert, turned out to be another encouraging person on my journey to my pink goal.  As a woman with 100 pounds to loose & a love of 4" heels, a running store is not really a place for me.  And of course I pulled into the parking lot with a Saturday morning dad in his running gear, thin & looking like he could run the Boston marathon in his sleep, complete with the fit 7 year old in tow.  So I cautiously went in & to my surprise Pam approached me right away asking if she could help me.  She was friendly & didn't have the "what's the fat girl doing here" look on her face that I'd feared on my drive over there. Instead when I explained what I needed & why I needed it she was genuinely excited for me assuring me we could find something.  I had never really been fitted for athletic shoes before.  If you're working out at all, I highly recommend it.  For my entire adult life I've been wearing the wrong size shoe (1/2 to 1 size too small) & haven't been buying shoes that fit my newly discovered "low arch".  I also walk on the inside of my feet (something I learned while they vidoe taped my feet walking on a tread mill) & need a shoe that stabalizes my feet when I workout.  So now, thanks to Pam (who even invited me to send her pics of me completing My Pink Goal) I have shoes that fit & will support me through at least a portion of my training.  You can bet when I wear these out (approx 400 miles from now) I'll be back to see Pam again! 

So with errands ran, workout done, and a healthy lunch consumed (I resisted the McDonalds & the Starbucks that called out to me as I drove by) I've allowed myself an afternoon of catching up with my BFF & reading Elizabeth Gilberts new book, "Committed".  I love Eat Pray Love.  The amazing part is the amount of energy I have had on a Saturday that I've never had before.  It seems like it should be too soon for all of this energy, clarity, and enthusiasm but it's here so I'm enjoying it.  Yep, the journey to My Pink Goal is going to be great too!

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