Monday, January 18, 2010

Everyone deserves a lifetime

January 18, 2010

"Everyone Deserves a Lifetime" is a Komen 3 day motto.  As we honor Martin Luther King Jr. today, I can't help but think about that motto.  Regardless the topic, everyone deserves the best lifetime possible.  As we push ahead in the fight against breast cancer remember that breast cancer does not choose one race, gender, or age group.  So we train & we walk not for "older" women who are facing illness but to give everyone a lifetime.  If we can find a CURE to breast cancer than others can't be far away.  Finding a cure provides an entire lifetime not only for those who have this disease but to those co-survivors who fight side by side with those they love.  So we move along our journey, one foot in front of the other knowing that the finish line is in site & thanks to the support from those we love we WILL make a difference.

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