Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feelin' the burn...

January 13, 2010

So today I really felt the burn in my workout.  For the first day ever I was a little sluggish getting out of bed & could really feel it in my workout this morning.  I pushed through & even did 3/4 mile on the treadmill after my 9 mile bike ride.  No doubt it was worth the effort but I sure as heck didn't like much of it today.  And of course I looked even worse than normal...sweating like I was standing in the shower & breathing so heavily it should only be reserved for "fun activities" not of course there's the cute runner guy in the gym next to me.  Good thing I'm on sabbatical. :)

It has me to thinking about persistance & what it takes to push through something as serious as breast cancer.  I'm lucky, I've never faced my own mortality in that way but like most of us have pushed through my share of trials & troubles.  Some days you feel like you're standing strong after & some days you feel pretty shook up but either way, you make it to the other side.  That's what I want for my friends who have breast cancer.  I want them to know that even if things are bad now they can persist through such trama & come out on the other side a survivor.  Of course, I greatest wish is for there to be a CURE and nothing to be a survivor of.  So today's workout, sluggishness, & stressful work day seem easier to push through when I think about those who are working so hard to become survivors, simply to persist through another day.  But there's good news my friends...the finish line is in sight & thanks to great events like The 3 Day, we will cross that finish line with a cure.

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