Friday, January 8, 2010


January 8, 2010

Today I recieved some great news that additional donations are coming in.  I'm on my way to raising the $2500 for my pink goal!!!  More confirmation that the finish line is in site! 

As I peddled my way through this morning's work out, I realized there was something I hadn't mentioned on my blog.  When I decided to train, I decided to go on "sabbatical" from dating until I achieve my pink goal.  Sounds extreme & crazy doesn't it?  Well, perhaps it is but what I know is that as a 35 year old single woman the ups & downs of dating have added to my stress eating & unwillingness to workout over the years.  Let me rephrase...the way I've handled the ups & downs of dating has been by eating when I'm stressed, eating to celebrate, & slacking off on workouts over the years.  So for a while at least I'm going to work to channel the energy I've put into dating into training for my pink goal.  The more focused I can be during this time the better I figure.  I'm sure this will become a huge challenge eventually but for now its one more way I can see the finish line.  I soooo can't wait!

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