Thursday, January 28, 2010

1 down 9 to go!

January 28, 2010

As I wrap up a very busy day & come to the end of a very busy week it has hit me that I have just nine short months until I reach my pink goal.  WOW!  That's sounds so far away until I think about all of the training that has to be done between now and then.  YIKES!  I know it's going to happen but its hard to believe I'll go from doing 2.25 miles per day to doing 20 miles in a day.  One step at a time...just one step at a time...

Thanks to the ecouragement of many, I'm working out each day even when I dont feel like it & am remaining true to a healthy balanced diet.  Its been shocking to me how easy it is to make healthy food choices when you look for them.  Yes...I'm still craving McDonalds (I was a fast food junkie!) & yes I miss having a cocktail when I'm out with friends but I feel so much better than before.  Just the feeling I have from not being winded makes a big difference. feels great!

So tonight as I head to bed early I realize I have 1 month of training complete & just 9 more to go.  In just 9 short months I'll know the rush everyone keeps talking about from doing the walk...the love everyone feels...the kindness everyone celebrates.  What a lucky woman I am.  I can see the finish line from here & it looks amazing!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Now I'm pumped!

January 26, 2010

I can't even begin to explain the high I'm on from everyone's facebook & blog comments!!!  Wow...what an honor to participate in all of this!  Such an amazing blessing!  If this is even a tiny bit of what the energy is from the actual event, then I'm hooked. Kindness really does rock!!!!

So here's a quick update before I head to my workout (this one's going to rock).  Fundraising has begun & I'm excited about it.  People just seem to be donating without much prompting.  I've started talking about it & some people chime in and say "I'd support you in that" so I send them an email the next day with the link so they can donate whenever it's right for them.  After all, it's just 23 friends who will donate $100 or 230 who will donate $10.  or 46 who will donate $50. 

As for my workouts, I'm up to 9.3 miles on the stationary bike & 2.1 miles on the treadmill.  I'm making sure I eat very healthy & am keeping track of what I eat/drink using an iPhone app called "My Fitness Pal".  I've lost 15 pounds just from making healthy choices & working out.  This isn't about the weightloss but I'll admit, it's a pretty cool side effect!  Now I'm even considering walking the Indianapolis Mini Marathon in May as part of my training.  If you would have told me in December that all of this would be happening I would have said you were crazy!  Funny how something as powerful as the 3 Day can change all that!  Makes it easy to see that finish line!  What an amazing day that will be!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Dream bigger than others believe possible"

January 23, 2009

I was listening to our Mayor, Tom Henry, give a speech to a group of business leaders this past week & I found myself inspired by this direct yet simple motto.  "Dream bigger than others believe possible".  I found it not only inspiring for my Fort Wayne community but also for myself personally.  After all, isn't that what we're doing when we say we're going to CURE breast cancer?  When we take those BOLD steps (many of us for the first time) we are saying that our dreams are bigger than anything breast cancer can take away from us. 

Just three short weeks ago, I decided to let myself dream pretty big by signing up for the 3Day.  Some people have called me crazy & others courageous but what I know is that it's time I start dreaming BIGGER than I have before.   Why should a woman who is 100 pounds over weight, who hates working out, and LOVES chocolate ever walk 60 miles???  The answer is simple.  Dreaming small for herself & others is OVER & it's time to unleash the possibilities of change!  The amazing part is that every 3 Day participant & supporter alike will prove just how possible it is to DREAM BIG just by being a part of this awesome event.  When we cross that finish line we'll be ready to take on the next big dream & believe in the possibilities of what the world has to offer.  What an amazing day that will be!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A rushed workout is still a workout right?

January 20, 2010

Do you ever have one of those days where it feels like no matter what happens you're 10 minutes behind?  That was my day for sure!  I woke up at 3 a.m. feeling like my bed was a little too big for just me & the cat.  Ok, so I was actually lonely...something that hasn't happened often since my divorce a couple of years ago but was for sure an issue last night.  With the dating "sabatical" that I'm on during my training....that's not going to change anytime soon.  The good news:  I finally curled up to a pillow & fell asleep.  The bad news:  I overslept.  More good news:  I went to the gym anyway but cut 10 minutes out of my cycling.  So it was 6.5 miles on the bike & 1.5 on the treadmill.  I thought that would help me gain the 10 minutes I lost but it didn't.  It's now almost 9 pm & I'm still chasing those 10 minutes from this morning. 

Here's the interesting part...I didn't let my crazy, fall behind day derail a workout or my eating plan.  I still ate healthy (Thank God for Special K Bars & Yoplait Smoothies that can be eaten on the run) & fit in most of my workout.  Normally my crazy life is an excuse for me to throw in the towel.  HA! I say to my old habits.  Today this was a win!  This is a day that I can say I made healthy choices for myself & feel confident I may make them for myself tomorrow too.  You can bet its going to be busy & chaotic as well.  Just a few more steps toward the finish line but even baby steps equal big gains!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm a Komen Ambassador!!!!!

January 19, 2009

I'm soooooo excited & super flattered!!! I was contacted today & asked to be a Komen Ambassador.  So what is a Komen Ambassador?  It's the person who speaks to the media & via social media about the 3Day.  Basically, it's doing what I'm doing right here on my blog & being willing to share my story with others.  I can't even begin to express how flattered I am to be asked.  It may seem simple or minimal to many but with a cause that I'm so passionate about, it means an awful lot to me! feels great to be in the right place on my journey at the right time. 

Even prior to hearing from the Komen team today, I was thinking about the "journey" that I'm on.  I've heard it said that the 3 day is actually the end of the journey & that the training is the journey itself.  I guess that's true.  I'm dedicating the next 9.5 months to getting ready for what is going to be 3 of the most powerful days of my life.  Learning to be kinder to myself, nourish my body in a way that is healthy, condition my body to handle the physical challenge ahead all make for an amazing journey.  These things build a tremendous road of hope as we get on toward that day.  My team mates & I are always chattering about the walk & what we're doing to get ready.  We're strengthening our relationships with one another while we strengthen our bodies, our hearts, and our minds.  All this because of one common goal...the concept even amazes me. 

So what if we all pick ways we want to improve our community/world around us & start working toward it?  Would we achieve even more of our goals?  Would the world really be a better place?  Would we really make a difference?  You bet we would & what an amazing change we would make!  The finish line is in sight for sure!!  I can feel it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Everyone deserves a lifetime

January 18, 2010

"Everyone Deserves a Lifetime" is a Komen 3 day motto.  As we honor Martin Luther King Jr. today, I can't help but think about that motto.  Regardless the topic, everyone deserves the best lifetime possible.  As we push ahead in the fight against breast cancer remember that breast cancer does not choose one race, gender, or age group.  So we train & we walk not for "older" women who are facing illness but to give everyone a lifetime.  If we can find a CURE to breast cancer than others can't be far away.  Finding a cure provides an entire lifetime not only for those who have this disease but to those co-survivors who fight side by side with those they love.  So we move along our journey, one foot in front of the other knowing that the finish line is in site & thanks to the support from those we love we WILL make a difference.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The excitement is building

January 16, 2010

I realized today that we're just 9 1/2 months away from the 3 day.  It sounds like a long way away but it's really not.  Putting myself in the training mindset has time already flying by.  As our team grows & we're working toward our goals the excitement is building.  Each of us keep hearing about how this event will change our lives we'll never be the same after this event.  It's like knowing you're going to have the best birthday or Christmas simply makes me giggle w/ anticipation.  I can't imagine any other people I'd want to share this life change with then the incredible women who are planning to do this with me.  There's so much motivation in the friendships of women.  So much that can be shared & so much that is simply understood.  It's a gift to be able to cross that finish line with each of them knowing we've all done it for our own reasons & yet all had one common goal in mind.  Ladies, you make me blessed!  Can't wait to cross the finish line hand in hand with each of you!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


January 15, 2010

A very PINK thank you to Emily & Scott for donating!!!  We're on our way to meeting some really big goals & I promise to make you both very proud!!!!  WoooooWhooooooo!!!!!!!!

So, its fair to say that the last 36-48 hours have been a little stressful in my world which ALWAYS triggers stress eating for me.  I admit it, I'm an emotional eater & when I say "emotions" I mean every kind of emotion you can come up with.  So eating an entire chocolate cake or bag of chips or hanging out with Ben/Jerry is pretty normal for me.  Not this time however.  That's right!  In the last 48 hours there have been no junk food parades to the kitchen or cocktail pity parties.  Instead, I decided I would channel that energy into a good workout.  Yes, it was an extra workout but it certainly let out my frustrations in a way I didn't know I could.  Yes, I did get up the next day & workout so it really was a bonus workout.  I peddled away on that bike for 50 minutes before I realized it & had a clearer understanding of the roots of my stress.    I was still frustrated with recent events but found myself more equiped to deal with things.  Did I mention I dont have the guilt from eating a large bag of chips in addition to my stress???  This is a novel concept!  Work your stress out via sweating instead of via cake!  I know...the rest of the world likely already knows this but for me this is HUGE!  So from this point forward, Chocolate Cake is for celebrations, Martinis are for girls nights out, and chips are for 4th of July picnics. 

This all has me thinking about the choices we make that effect our lives without us realizing it.  I heard a man in the 3day video ( say "I had two choices, be here or not & I'm glad I'm here".  That says it all.  We have choices every day & I'm choosing to cross that finish line in October with some of the women I've loved the longest in my life.  We're going to make a choice each step of the way to raise awareness, funds, spirits, & help find a CURE.  That finish line is getting closer!!!  I can't wait!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feelin' the burn...

January 13, 2010

So today I really felt the burn in my workout.  For the first day ever I was a little sluggish getting out of bed & could really feel it in my workout this morning.  I pushed through & even did 3/4 mile on the treadmill after my 9 mile bike ride.  No doubt it was worth the effort but I sure as heck didn't like much of it today.  And of course I looked even worse than normal...sweating like I was standing in the shower & breathing so heavily it should only be reserved for "fun activities" not of course there's the cute runner guy in the gym next to me.  Good thing I'm on sabbatical. :)

It has me to thinking about persistance & what it takes to push through something as serious as breast cancer.  I'm lucky, I've never faced my own mortality in that way but like most of us have pushed through my share of trials & troubles.  Some days you feel like you're standing strong after & some days you feel pretty shook up but either way, you make it to the other side.  That's what I want for my friends who have breast cancer.  I want them to know that even if things are bad now they can persist through such trama & come out on the other side a survivor.  Of course, I greatest wish is for there to be a CURE and nothing to be a survivor of.  So today's workout, sluggishness, & stressful work day seem easier to push through when I think about those who are working so hard to become survivors, simply to persist through another day.  But there's good news my friends...the finish line is in sight & thanks to great events like The 3 Day, we will cross that finish line with a cure.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You said 6 miles right?

January 12, 2010

I have to giggle every time I tell someone I'm walking 60 miles for a CURE and they look at me and say, "You said 6 miles right".  I simply smile & say, "Nope I said 60" and they look at me like I've lost my mind.  This morning during my quiet time I've been thinking about the BOLDNESS that it takes to make a stand for anything your passionate about.  Whatever it may be it takes guts to stand up for what you believe in which is why I'm soooo honored to be part of this group of women and men who are taking this journey.  This is about making a mark on the world & letting people know you cared.  Leaving a legacy of empowerment...of kindness...of power coupled with compassion. 

Today I did my 30 minutes on the bike & walk .6 miles.  Its amazing to think that in less than a year I'll be walking so much more than that (I dont even know the math) & that the sense of accomplishment I have today will be amplified into something I can't express because I've done something so BOLD not for myself but for others & it happened to benefit me in the end.  What an amazing country we live in that we have the opportunity to be BOLD for our beliefs & our desires to end something so tramatic as cancer.  So if anyone's reading this, go be BOLD & find something that allows you the opportunity to make your mark on this world.  Find your finish line, see it, & reach it!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

And the walking begins...

January 10. 2010

I TOOK MY FIRST STEPS TODAY toward My Pink Goal!!!!  Yep, after 30 minutes on the stationary bike, I walked .5 miles on the treadmill at 3 miles per hour.  I know that sounds minor to many but for today it's a big win! My knee felt pretty good & I'll be getting up tomorrow to the same thing.  I haven't figured out how many miles it will take for me to train over the next 10 months to get ready for the goal, but I know today the real journey has begun.   So I start week 2 of training feeling energetic & healthier with a real sense of direction & an eye on My Pink Goal.  What a great feeling!  

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My eyelids sweat?

January 9, 2010

I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to today.  It's Saturday but not just any Saturday.  Its one of those cold, yet sunny midwest Saturdays where your calendar is still kind of clear because everyone's recovering from the holidays & your home is fairly clean from putting away the holiday decorations.  In short, there's little to do & little to be responsible for on this glorious January weekend.  Now it's important to know that I have a real dislike for cold & snow (& we have plenty of both) but for some reason this year it's not bothering me too much.  Its like I've come to an understanding that Mother Earth needs rest just as we all do before performing the various miracles we're called upon to do throughout the rest of the year.  There I go with the drama again...

Given my short to do list I decided to lounge a little & not get up at 6:30 like normal.  I gave myself an extra hour of down time before deciding I'd get my workout in and start the day.  I remembered something from my past workout life (many years ago) about weekend workouts.  Its a great time for that little extra when we'll push up those hills on the 3 day...a little extra effort or a few unexpected minutes of additional "oomph" because who cares if you're extra sweaty on a Saturday morning.  So I pushed adding extra speed and a few extra minutes to my workout.  It felt great I didn't find myself thinking about how soon it would be over or really about anything.  I was simply in the moment of pushing myself to my goal while rockin out to the Black Eyed Peas.  I was soaked from sweating in a gym that I thought was freezing cold when I walked into.  I was working out so hard I could feel my eyelids sweating.  Yes, my eyelids.  I had no idea that was even possible but there I was eyelid sweat & all.  I felt like an actual "fit person" know the kind of person who gets the rush from the workout & walks away soaked saying "THAT WAS AMAZING!" I don't even like those people...because who really likes that feeling????  But today, I was one of them & it felt pretty darn good. 

I took another important step in training for a 60 mile walk by getting fitted for the right shoes today.  I dropped in to the 3 Rivers Running Company here in Fort Wayne & met the nicest woman there named Pam.  Pam, my shoe expert, turned out to be another encouraging person on my journey to my pink goal.  As a woman with 100 pounds to loose & a love of 4" heels, a running store is not really a place for me.  And of course I pulled into the parking lot with a Saturday morning dad in his running gear, thin & looking like he could run the Boston marathon in his sleep, complete with the fit 7 year old in tow.  So I cautiously went in & to my surprise Pam approached me right away asking if she could help me.  She was friendly & didn't have the "what's the fat girl doing here" look on her face that I'd feared on my drive over there. Instead when I explained what I needed & why I needed it she was genuinely excited for me assuring me we could find something.  I had never really been fitted for athletic shoes before.  If you're working out at all, I highly recommend it.  For my entire adult life I've been wearing the wrong size shoe (1/2 to 1 size too small) & haven't been buying shoes that fit my newly discovered "low arch".  I also walk on the inside of my feet (something I learned while they vidoe taped my feet walking on a tread mill) & need a shoe that stabalizes my feet when I workout.  So now, thanks to Pam (who even invited me to send her pics of me completing My Pink Goal) I have shoes that fit & will support me through at least a portion of my training.  You can bet when I wear these out (approx 400 miles from now) I'll be back to see Pam again! 

So with errands ran, workout done, and a healthy lunch consumed (I resisted the McDonalds & the Starbucks that called out to me as I drove by) I've allowed myself an afternoon of catching up with my BFF & reading Elizabeth Gilberts new book, "Committed".  I love Eat Pray Love.  The amazing part is the amount of energy I have had on a Saturday that I've never had before.  It seems like it should be too soon for all of this energy, clarity, and enthusiasm but it's here so I'm enjoying it.  Yep, the journey to My Pink Goal is going to be great too!

Friday, January 8, 2010


January 8, 2010

Today I recieved some great news that additional donations are coming in.  I'm on my way to raising the $2500 for my pink goal!!!  More confirmation that the finish line is in site! 

As I peddled my way through this morning's work out, I realized there was something I hadn't mentioned on my blog.  When I decided to train, I decided to go on "sabbatical" from dating until I achieve my pink goal.  Sounds extreme & crazy doesn't it?  Well, perhaps it is but what I know is that as a 35 year old single woman the ups & downs of dating have added to my stress eating & unwillingness to workout over the years.  Let me rephrase...the way I've handled the ups & downs of dating has been by eating when I'm stressed, eating to celebrate, & slacking off on workouts over the years.  So for a while at least I'm going to work to channel the energy I've put into dating into training for my pink goal.  The more focused I can be during this time the better I figure.  I'm sure this will become a huge challenge eventually but for now its one more way I can see the finish line.  I soooo can't wait!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some great tips I learned today & kudos to Ruby Tuesdays!

January 7, 2010

So one of the big challenges I'm going to have with keeping to a my healthy eating plan is my dining out every day.  Its taking a little extra planning & thanks to the "My Fitness Pal" app i've been pretty successful so far.  The really amazing part is how easy my waitor today at Ruby Tuesdays made it to eat healthy.  I was lunching with one of my fabo friends who I typically over indulge with but decided to try to be healthy.  I simply asked if they had a menu that showed the nutrition info of their menu.  He immediately went and found one for me & offered suggestions on things that could work for me that would taste good.  The final decision:  Herb Crusted Tilapia, Steamed Broccoli, and Rice.  It was delicious and it filled me up for the whole day!!  The best part was that the waitor was enouraging & helpful.  So awesome! 

I also learned some other great tips today from Dr. Oz on getting back on track after the holidays (or in my case after a long time away from workouts).

1.  Start Walking (CHECK)
2. Go public with your plan (CHECK)
3. Sleep (learned from the caffeine overload how important this one is)
4.  Fool yourself with water, mints, gum, etc when hungry (CHECK)
5. Automate your life/meals (currently doing this for breakfast & its a big help)

It's been 7 days today since I started keeping track of my food intake & have been working out for 5 days.  I'm eating healthy, sleeping, am not feeling hungry or deprived (ok-a little but nothing I cant handle), & have more energy than ever before on a program.  No doubt it's my pink goal & the overwhelming support of those who are in my life.  And a huge perk is that I've dropped 7.8 pounds to date!!!!  I know its mostly water and that weight loss wont continue at that pace, but man it feels GREAT to get a jumpstart like this!!!  I really can see the finish line in the distance!  This is going to ROCK!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Overloading on caffiene is a bad idea

January 6, 2010

So I mentioned yesterday that I avoided Cosmos last night & even ate healthy.  It turns out I made one mistake....every time I wanted a Cosmo, I had a Diet Coke.  What I didn't think about was that I'd be up 5 times that night from a caffeine overload.  It made for a early morning workout but I pushed through it & am destined to sleep good tonight! 

In my quiet time this morning after my workout a close family friend who recently passed away came to mind.  He was 17 & died from Cystic Fibrosis.  He lived life to the fullest & fought to have every last breath.  I have this photo of him at the lake last summer, arms in the air, on the back of the wave runner, as if to say "I did it!" It was the same summer he learned to waterski.  It has me thinking about the feeling that comes from striving for something so hard & finally earning the reward.  The feeling that our community will have when we find a CURE for cancer, the feeling that those who have been struggling as co survivors will feel to know that others wont go through the same struggles, and even the feeling I'll have when I reach my pink goal.  That feeling that forces you to throw your arms in the air & shout for joy uncontrollably...that feeling when you know the purest sense of joy.  Just 4 days into training & I can already start to feel it.  I'm beginning to think that the journey to get to my pink goal is joy in itself

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great news!!!

January 4, 2010

So I'm super excited to learn today that one of my lifelong friends & her lil sis will be joining me for the 60 mile!  Plus, I have two donors as of today.  WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!  With a blog, a facebook fan page, & team, and now donors I'm full committed & it feels GREAT!!!! 

So I have to admit that today was a little harder to make the right choices.  I had lunch & dinner at two great restaurants, testing my will power.  I love Chappels & Club Soda so much but always over indulge when I'm there.  Well it turns out both have really smart, healthy choices that taste good!  Who knew!?!??!?  If eating healthy while eating out includes Grilled Salmon & veggies, Ahi Tuna & a little bread I might just be able to get used to it.  Did I miss the Club Soda Cosmo tonight?  You bet!  But it's too early for cheating & my indulgences will come on big days when I really feel the need...tonight wasn't that night. 

So Training Day 3 of My Pink Goal is coming to an end & people are talking.  Talking about the blog, about how cool they think this is, and what a great cause its supporting.  I was on the bike again today thinking of walking each step & what it will mean not just to me but to fighting for a CURE.  I'm thankful that so many have been supportive right away.  I'm a lucky woman! 

Monday, January 4, 2010

Training Day 2 & still at it!

January 4, 2010

So it's training day 2 toward My Pink Goal & I've successfully worked out & watched my diet.  Sadly, I've given up in less than 2 days before so this is a win.  I spent yesterday setting up this blog, my fundraising page (see link at the bottom of the page), & my Facebook fan page.  Yes, My Pink Goal even has a fan page.  I'm using the "My Fitness Pal" Ap for my iphone to keep track of workouts, weight, and what I'm eating.  Nothing like forcing myself to be accountable! :)

The coolest part to day two of my training is that during prayer & meditation today I was reminded of the need to not judge myself so harshly.  I've tried everything to get fit &/or loose weight, each time feeling like a failure.  But this time this goal is a lot bigger than me.  Again, dramatic I know but it is.  This is about giving back to the women in my life, to the health of our community, and to the amazing men who have supported the women in their lives through the hardships of breast cancer.  2 of my girlfriends have emailed today to say they're considering signing up in Chicago & one in Tampa.  Even if they choose not to complete the walk, I know they'll be there in support of me & that's waaaayyyy coool. 

So I wrap up day 2 slightly less judgemental of myself, feeling supported by so many of my friends/family, & a touch sore (thank God for Advil).  I can see my pink goal in the distance & know that its going to be awesome to achieve it!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome to My Pink Goal!

January 3, 2010

It's Day 1 of both blogging & training & we're off to a smashing success!  I have a long way to go before I'm an expert at either one but for today we're calling it a win.  If you're following my blog thinking that I'm some expert walker with great knowledge, you'll be disappointed for sure.  I am 35 & rarely work out until now.  I never cook & eat out every day.  I easily have 100 pounds to loose & while beautiful am no where near ready for the cover of Self or for this walk.  I hope to share with you candidly my experience of making this life change...the good...the bad...and the sadly funny. 

It feels like I've entered a new phase or new way of thinking at least.  I know...very dramatic but it is kind of dramatic when I think about it.  I've been saying I would do this for years & something always seemed to derail my plans or should I say I let things derail my plans.  So this year, I've tidied up things in my life & am making room for my pink goal to become reality.  How awesome is that!?!?!?  I'm excited about raising money for Komen, the possibilities, life lessons, & direction completing this goal will provide. I admit I'm excited about the weight loss & improved body that will come from it as well. 

Day 1's training consisted of 30 minutes of cardio on the stationary bike.  According to it I went 6.39 miles & burned 327 calories.  I'm starting off on the bike to be sure my knee is completely heeled from twisting it a few weeks ago.  Soooo ready to be in better physical shape & not experience setbacks that come from being out of shape! 

The entire time I was thinking of the feeling I'll have when crossing that pink finish line.  I can't wait!