Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm a Komen Ambassador!!!!!

January 19, 2009

I'm soooooo excited & super flattered!!! I was contacted today & asked to be a Komen Ambassador.  So what is a Komen Ambassador?  It's the person who speaks to the media & via social media about the 3Day.  Basically, it's doing what I'm doing right here on my blog & being willing to share my story with others.  I can't even begin to express how flattered I am to be asked.  It may seem simple or minimal to many but with a cause that I'm so passionate about, it means an awful lot to me!  Wow...it feels great to be in the right place on my journey at the right time. 

Even prior to hearing from the Komen team today, I was thinking about the "journey" that I'm on.  I've heard it said that the 3 day is actually the end of the journey & that the training is the journey itself.  I guess that's true.  I'm dedicating the next 9.5 months to getting ready for what is going to be 3 of the most powerful days of my life.  Learning to be kinder to myself, nourish my body in a way that is healthy, condition my body to handle the physical challenge ahead all make for an amazing journey.  These things build a tremendous road of hope as we get on toward that day.  My team mates & I are always chattering about the walk & what we're doing to get ready.  We're strengthening our relationships with one another while we strengthen our bodies, our hearts, and our minds.  All this because of one common goal...the concept even amazes me. 

So what if we all pick ways we want to improve our community/world around us & start working toward it?  Would we achieve even more of our goals?  Would the world really be a better place?  Would we really make a difference?  You bet we would & what an amazing change we would make!  The finish line is in sight for sure!!  I can feel it!

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