Friday, January 15, 2010


January 15, 2010

A very PINK thank you to Emily & Scott for donating!!!  We're on our way to meeting some really big goals & I promise to make you both very proud!!!!  WoooooWhooooooo!!!!!!!!

So, its fair to say that the last 36-48 hours have been a little stressful in my world which ALWAYS triggers stress eating for me.  I admit it, I'm an emotional eater & when I say "emotions" I mean every kind of emotion you can come up with.  So eating an entire chocolate cake or bag of chips or hanging out with Ben/Jerry is pretty normal for me.  Not this time however.  That's right!  In the last 48 hours there have been no junk food parades to the kitchen or cocktail pity parties.  Instead, I decided I would channel that energy into a good workout.  Yes, it was an extra workout but it certainly let out my frustrations in a way I didn't know I could.  Yes, I did get up the next day & workout so it really was a bonus workout.  I peddled away on that bike for 50 minutes before I realized it & had a clearer understanding of the roots of my stress.    I was still frustrated with recent events but found myself more equiped to deal with things.  Did I mention I dont have the guilt from eating a large bag of chips in addition to my stress???  This is a novel concept!  Work your stress out via sweating instead of via cake!  I know...the rest of the world likely already knows this but for me this is HUGE!  So from this point forward, Chocolate Cake is for celebrations, Martinis are for girls nights out, and chips are for 4th of July picnics. 

This all has me thinking about the choices we make that effect our lives without us realizing it.  I heard a man in the 3day video ( say "I had two choices, be here or not & I'm glad I'm here".  That says it all.  We have choices every day & I'm choosing to cross that finish line in October with some of the women I've loved the longest in my life.  We're going to make a choice each step of the way to raise awareness, funds, spirits, & help find a CURE.  That finish line is getting closer!!!  I can't wait!!

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