Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3 Day training applies to all areas of my life

I must say that I'm so flattered and honored by the number of people who have contacted me asking about where I am in the process of completing My Pink Goal.  What a gift everyone is to me!  I've not quit training or quit working toward my goal.  I've been focused on that never ending juggling act...the one we all face...balancing work & family with my own personal goals.  I've given up thinking balance will ever be totally achieved & instead treat it like I treat my training, one step at a time. 

When I excepted my recent position as VP of the Chamber, I knew we had a lot of work ahead of us.  What I didn't know is how closely my work journey would mirror my pink goal journey.  Every time we take on a new project I find myself saying, "Well it's kinda like training for the 3 Day".  They're already sick of me I'm sure but it's true.  The lessons I'm learning in training now apply to every day life as well...lessons like having a plan, sharing your goals, setting realistic mini goals, cheering for yourself, loving yourself enough to know when to be gentle and when to push, etc. 

For those who are keeping tabs, I'm walking to work & finding ways to fit in walks wherever I can.  I owe myself a long walk in the near future but am currently up to about 10.5 miles with daily walks being 3-4 miles.  I've lost almost 55 pounds and feel GREAT!  I'm shocked at how much better I juggle everything and how much easier dealing with stress is when I have an outlet.  People often ask if I feel better & I admit I didn't know I felt bad.  Amazing how lost I was in being unhealthy & didn't even know it!  My feet are holding up well & I'm learning all of the great tips one needs for an endurance event.  On one of my long walks recently it finally connected with me that I really can do this.  I really am going to walk 60 miles in just a few short months.  How cool is that!?!?  I'm not sure what caused the switch to flip but what I know is that I have gone from "hope so" to "will".  My pink goal is getting close & crossing that finish line is going to feel amazing!