Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Flexibility is the key to a comfortable & happy life"

I have a new friend who said to me yesterday, "Flexibility is the key to a comfortable & happy life".  This has left me inspired.  Especially during a week when workouts seem to be getting derailed either because of a locked gym, a pesky blister, or oversleeping. 

Flexibility really is the key to attaining our 3day goals.  With a commitment like this we walk that fine line of structure in training & flexibility when things don't go along with the plan.  What makes a 3day walker different, "weird", is that ability to be flexible...to not get bogged down by what life is throwing our way & to keep a commitment to ourselves to juggle...well...life.  We always keep our eye on the finish line.  We know that a missed workout doesn't mean we're a failure it means we're learning to balance all that comes with training.  We know that changing up a workout because of a closed gym means we avoid routine.  We know that having our feet up for a day because of a blister teaches us how to listen to our bodies & plan ahead to avoid it the next time.  There are so many lessons I've learned as I'm half way through training & today it's "flexibility is the key to a comfortable & happy life". 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

No excuses!

Have you ever encountered someone who has an excuse for everything?  Someone who always has an argument or justification for all of the things they can't do?  I encountered someone like this yesterday & it got me to thinking about why I don't make excuses.  More importantly why 3 day walkers don't make excuses.  The answer is simple.  3 day walkers simply expect more of themselves. 

As we lace up our shoes & step out to train each day we make a decision to put aside any excuses.  We choose not to listen people who say it can't be done.  We don't say that we're too tired even when we are.  We don't say that we're too busy even though we are.  We don't say our feet hurt even though they do.  We don't say that fund raising is too hard even though sometimes it is.  We simply say that we're honoring our commitment to ourselves & to others.  We say that we're willing to push ourselves to a place we weren't sure we could go to when we started.  We say that we're changing lives one step at a time.  We don't make excuses.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I always thought marathon runners were a little weird

I've always thought there was something a little different...a little weird even...about marathon runners.  Training for the 3 day has made me understand them a little better.  After all, the 3 day is the equivalent of 2.5 marathons in 3 days.  It's true that you have to be a little weird to commit to that kind of endurance event.  There's an entire mindset that comes from this kind of commitment.  A mindset that other people seem to be intrigued by while still wanting to not get too close to someone that "weird".  But I think I'm ok with being weird.  I'm ok with making the kind of commitment others won't.  I'm ok with putting in the hours to train that others won't.  I'm ok with looking at myself differently through the transition that's taking place.  I'm ok with the responsibility to myself and those who love me to train in a way that's healthy & smart (mentally, emotionally, and physically).  I'm ok with being accountable to my supporters & to myself.  Being weird is just perfectly ok with me.