Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great news!!!

January 4, 2010

So I'm super excited to learn today that one of my lifelong friends & her lil sis will be joining me for the 60 mile!  Plus, I have two donors as of today.  WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!  With a blog, a facebook fan page, & team, and now donors I'm full committed & it feels GREAT!!!! 

So I have to admit that today was a little harder to make the right choices.  I had lunch & dinner at two great restaurants, testing my will power.  I love Chappels & Club Soda so much but always over indulge when I'm there.  Well it turns out both have really smart, healthy choices that taste good!  Who knew!?!??!?  If eating healthy while eating out includes Grilled Salmon & veggies, Ahi Tuna & a little bread I might just be able to get used to it.  Did I miss the Club Soda Cosmo tonight?  You bet!  But it's too early for cheating & my indulgences will come on big days when I really feel the need...tonight wasn't that night. 

So Training Day 3 of My Pink Goal is coming to an end & people are talking.  Talking about the blog, about how cool they think this is, and what a great cause its supporting.  I was on the bike again today thinking of walking each step & what it will mean not just to me but to fighting for a CURE.  I'm thankful that so many have been supportive right away.  I'm a lucky woman! 

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