Sunday, February 28, 2010

15 minutes??? Hardly!

So after my walk today (I'm up to 5 miles!!!) I crashed on the coach & watched a little t.v.  I don't watch much t.v. but enjoyed an afternoon of "veggin'" on the coach.  So during the Law & Order SVU marathon (Christopher Meloni is sooo yummy) I saw the commercial for the USA characters of the year.  Kehinde Wiley was profiled for his art & portraits of young black men.  He paints portraits that speak to a variety of people & that celebrate the richness of American culture.  What caught my attention was when he quoted Andy Warhol as saying "Everyone gets their 15 minutes" and he replies "F* the 15 minutes, I'm going to give you a painting and I'm going to make you live forever."  Now I'm terribly sorry if that quote offends anyone, but I LOVED IT!  I mean who says we only get 15 minutes???  Warhol was brilliant, but 15 minutes?  Hardly!

I think we're all sort of saying "F* the 15 minutes" (some of us more politely than others) when we walk in the 3Day.  This isn't about short term gains that make people famous.  This is about giving back lifetimes & saying enough is enough.  Its about saying change starts with ME and the impact I make in taking those steps is going to last a lifetime.  Its about rolling up our sleeves, lacing up our tennis shoes, & changing our lives one step at a time.  Its such an honor to be able to be a part of this amazing event!   That finish line's in sight & I can't wait!!!

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  1. It is so funny that I am reading your post AND Law & Order SVU is on!

    I too saw the same commercial yesterday, and you're right...all 3 Dayers are looking to make a change and giving back to someone else. It is all about taking that first step to make a difference.

    I think that they should have all 3 Day Walkers & Crew on that commercial!