Friday, February 26, 2010

Bringin' Sexy Back

On most days, I work out to an iPod play list of tons of upbeat music.  Its been said that I have a wide variety of tastes in music.  Everything from Kirk Franklin to Kid Rock to KD Lang to Kenny Chesney.  It's all on the workout play list & I couldn't live without it.  There's also a huge amount of 70's DISCO music like Tina Turner & Gloria Gaynor as well.  "I Will Survive" is often my motto for just getting through some of the tough workouts.  The song that always makes me feel my absolute best however is "Bringin' Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake.  One day when I've completed the race & am able to meet Justin I'm going to thank him & tell him that he's helped me "bring sexy back" by getting me through training & reminding me just how sexy I am. 

Of course, this has me thinking about what it means to "bring sexy back".  I don't know what Mr. Timberlake would say, but for me its about a lot more than looks.  I find myself feeling sexier every day.  Does it come from the weightloss?  I'd be lying to say that isn't a small part of it.  However, I felt sexy before I started loosing the weight.  After all, women with curves are just simply HOT & plus size women who hold themselves with confidence are even HOTTER.  The amazing part is that even though I felt sexy I didn't feel healthy which took my level of confidence down a notch even though I didn't realize it.  What I think really brings sexy back is the confidence that being healthy brings.  Knowing I'm accomplishing a long time goal & that I'm giving back to my community brings that "sexy" glow from within as well.  Even my skin & my eyes seem to have a healthier glow which is way sexy too.  So whether or not it's Justin's definition of "Bringing Sexy Back", it's mine & it feels pretty darn good.  It's going to feel even better crossing that finish line I'm sure!

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  1. Michelle,

    I love your post! And you're right 'bringing sexy back' is a state of mind.

    I remember last year as I was training for the 3 Day that I had a glow about me that I didn't realize...many people would comment about it which is what brought it to my attention.

    All I knew is that I was feeling great, I was eating better, I lost a few pounds, I was supporting something much bigger than me, and more than anything I felt EMPOWERED! And that is a wonderful feeling!

    Wishing you all the best this year,