Sunday, February 14, 2010

Taking Valentine's Day off...literally

It's Valentine's Day...a day of love and kisses and hugs and etc etc etc.  Given that I'm on sabatical from romance in general I decided to make this a day when I can just focus on me.  Although, I have to admit I met a handsome man on Friday that could make me rethink this sabatical however, I'm betting dates complete with walking for hours wouldn't be his thing.  So the sabatical will continue. 

I took today off from workouts as well as dates & decided just to spend some time on me.  Breakfast with a great friend & even a nap this afternoon has been wonderful!  Tonight it's pizza with another great friend relaxing and celebrating singlehood.  I also got a little shopping in today.  Funny thing is that I find myself looking for things like yoga pants, "wiking" socks, & running shoes.  This isn't exactly my former shopping patern.  With a passion for high heels & DK wrap dresses, I never paid much attention to the other things.  Funny how many things change when you take on the 3 day! 

Another cool change I've learned about this weekend is that most of my family seems to be jumping on the healthy bandwagon.  We rarely ever seem to be on the same page & we're a family that has struggled to find a healthy balance for as long as I can remember.  Even my grandparents are getting into the act.  No one's volunteered to join my 3 day team but I am excited to hear that they're focusing on taking good care of themselves.  We may be a fit family for the first time this year!  How cool would that be!

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