Monday, February 1, 2010

What's your Pink Goal?

Feb. 1, 2010

Its been an amazing first month of training to say the least!  With one month down and 9 months to go, I've been in awe of all of the support so many of you have provided.  I am blessed by each of you to say the very least.

As I started talking to people about "My Pink Goal" I've learned more & more about what other people's goals mean to them.  It turns out most of us have a "pink goal" of some kind.  Maybe it's to erradicate breast cancer....maybe its to walk a 60 mile race for the first time....maybe its to get up each day & live life to the fullest...maybe its something that can't be put into words.  Whatever your pink goal is you can rest assured its going to take planning and preparation to achieve. 

I'm really not a fan of "luck".  What I mean is that I dont believe too many people just get "lucky" or have everyting in life handed to them.  We all have things that come easier than others.  We all also have things we have to work toward to achieve.  So how do you go about achieving your goals?  The answer is simple.  Hardwork, dedication, and the willingness to NEVER GIVE UP!  Isn't that what breast cancer survivors do each day?   This morning on the tread mill as I was a little bored with walking for 50 minutes I started thinking about what it takes to persist through something like breast cancer.  Being a survivor is hard work.  Its much harder than completing the 60 mile.  So at least for these next 9 months as the training intensifies I'm going to be reminding myself that putting one foot in front of the other is the easy part.  We're blessed to have this opportunity to make a difference & give back to our take a stand against breast cancer.  The finish line is in site!  I can't wait!

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