Monday, February 8, 2010

blisters & a cold...agh!!!!

Feb 8, 2010

Its been almost  a week since my last post & that's because I've been in Denver on a little bit of business and a little bit of pleasure.  I have lots of amazing friends in the Denver area so it was great to extend my trip & spend a little time with them.  I managed to untilize the hotel gym & get up to 3 miles in each day on the treadmill and another 9 on the bike.  I learned the difference altitude can make for sure.  It seemed much harder in the "mile high city".  So those of you doing the 3 day in Denver have my total respect. You guys rock!

I also had my first experience with blisters this past week.  Thanks to the blister handbook on the 3 day training page, I knew what to do.  First thing I didn't do was pop it (something I used to do) and took the weekend off to let it heel.  I swear Komen thinks of everything.

By Sunday they were heeled & I was back to my workout tonight.  I'm learning that taking care of my feet is the most important part next to keeping my spirit motivated.   I never thought I'd come to know so much about shoes and socks and blisters and body glide and moleskin and sports bras.  People have been shocked by this.  As the girl who prefered cosmos to the treadmill most people thought I only knew about high heels and nail polish but I'm surprising even myself.  Everyone kept saying "Wow you're really serious about this"  HELL YES I'M SERIOUS!  No one commits to the 3 day half way.  This is the real deal.  We push ourselves so that we can take care of those we love the most & put an end to an illness that has taken too many lives. 

This transformation is more than I could have imagined.  I even worked out today while fighting a cold.  In the past it would have been the perfect excuse to give up but not this time.  I listened to my body but pushed a little too.  Didn't do the full workout today but did get it done.  Eating healthier is helping too.  This weekend while staying with a friend in Evergreen, CO I discovered rattle snake & Bison.  Yum!  Bison/Buffalo are super lean & full of protein.  They tasted good too.  Maybe its how board I get with a chicken breast but eating healthier has made me a little more adventurous.  Its just another great adventure in this journey.  And what an amazing journey it is!  There's that finish line...I can see it!

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