Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Shopping is my cardio"~Carrie Bradshaw

Feb 21 2010

I am an avid Sex and the City fan & will even admit to quoting the show with friends often.  Well my quote of the day is from Carrie Bradshaw herself.  "Shopping is my cardio!"  Since I couldn't look at the treadmill another day and the weather is too "ify" to count on I decided to walk the mall instead.  It's a 1 mile loop around the mall so I did 4 miles.  I'm really at 3.5 miles per day this week but once I committed to the 4th lap it was hard to cut it in half.  It was an awesome way to window shop (the mall wasn't open yet) & imagine how great some of those styles will look on my healthier, firmer body.  Talk about motiviation!  That did it for sure.

After my walk was complete, my FABO friend Stephen met me and we shopped for a great new outfit for me.  I'm excited to share that I've been selected as one of Fort Wayne's top 40 business leaders under 40 which means there's a photo shoot in my near future.  I always turn to Stephen for assistance when it comes to looking my best.  He's that friend that always selects items that make people compliment me.  I trust his judgement totally!  We didnt find just the right look but did find a few additional pieces (in smaller sizes) that will be great additions to my wardrobe.  It feels great to be in smaller sizes including some of them in my own closet.  In fact, I wore pants on Friday that haven't seen the outside of my closet in 5 years.  While it's not the goal of "my pink goal" to loose weight or be more fashionable, it is a great side effect. 

Smaller sizes and bolder colors can't replace the glow I seem to be gaining from the confidence of feeling healthier.  That's what's so fulfilling!  The 3Day is giving me a chance to work at being my very best & that feels amazing.  With a goal bigger than myself it helps keep my focus in the right place.  Giving back to my community & raising awareness is what it's all about.  What a blessing to be a part of this!  Its like the smaller sizes and improved appearance is a bonus/a "thank you gift" from my body for doing something so BOLD & so CRAZY. 

As I was walking the mall today I kept thinking about what it was going to be like to walk with all of those AMAZING 3 day walkers & I couldn't help but smile.  I hear there are cheerleaders along the walk which there weren't in the mall so that will be a big plus!  I can't imagine what its going to be like to cross that finish line & know that we've met our goal.  My team is comprised of amazing women who I've been blessed to count as my friends for most of my life.  To do this together is going to be a highlight of my life I have no doubt!

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