Thursday, March 4, 2010

35 things I know at 35

One week from today, I'll turn 36.  I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!  It's such a great way to celebrate those who have blessed my life.  On my 35th birthday last year, I wrote & posted the "35 things I know at 35" to my facebook page.  I'm reposting it here as I think about the 36th thing I will add to it for this year.  You can bet it will have something to do with My Pink Goal!

As I reflect back on the last 35 years I realize I've learned a lot, experienced tons, and have even more living left to do. However, these are the top 35 things I know for sure as I turn 35!

1. I couldn't be where I am today without the support, encouragement, and honesty of those who have cared for me & loved me.

2. Family isn't about genes, blood lines, last names, or street's so much more than that.

3. If you're as lucky as I am to have the same BFF your entire adult life than take time every day to be thankful! Very few people get that opportunity.

4. I'm proud to be a feminist, pro choice, & liberal.

5. Great romances come in a variety of packages and aren't all meant to fact some are so short that you don't know how great they are until they're gone.

6. Having two sets of parents makes me twice as blessed...after all 4 parents who love you can never be a bad thing.

7. Fat really does look better browned/tanned.

8. A winning personality, solid common sense, & a killer smile will take you a lot further than book smarts & pieces of paper almost every time.

9. My grandmothers & mothers, all of them, are/were the most beautiful, talented, smart, outstanding women that ever lived.

10. My Dad is, was, and forever will be the first man I ever fell in love with.

11. The saying, "If you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life" is crap. Loving what you do makes it easier to do the hard work it takes to make you great at it.

12. My nephew Caleb Michael Merritt is officially the most handsome man on earth.

13. My dads, grandfathers, brothers, uncles remind me all of the time what it means to be REAL MEN & I'm lucky to have them.

14. Perception really is reality.

15. Spell check is a gift from God.

16. The more grounded I become in my faith, the more open minded, liberal, and accepting I become.

17. It's ok to cry but not ok to wallow in self pity.

18. Men can really be just great friends without trying to take advantage of you.

19. Approach all you do with an honest heart & even being hurt wont seem as bad.

20. Forgiveness is more about letting go for you then it is for them.

21. Dignity, decorum, & political correctness are good things most of the time.

22. Following the advice of a friend who tells you that you need a vacation can change your life.

23. There's no better ice cream than Butter Pecan.

24. The person who told me "You're told yes so often that you notice when people tell you no" was right...even if I didn't admit it at the time.

25. Becoming a survivor instead of a victim all boils down to choice.

26. The women in my life really are the coolest chicks alive.

27. Red heads are simply as fabulous as you think we might be.

28. Making friends is the easy part...being a true friend can be a challenge but one worth doing.

29. Love doesn't conquer all but it does make you feel more deeply

30. Lingering over breakfast on the weekends is awesome. Staying in bed all weekend with a hot steamer lover is even better.

31. Never propose a problem without at least one suggested solution because problems without solutions are complaints. No one wants to hear you complain.

32. Go out and better the world. It will change your life.

33. Patience is a virtue given by God that should be practiced daily. However, God skipped me when handing out this virtue.

34. Love can come from the strangest & greatest of places but the best place is from within your own heart, mind, and soul.

35. I am simply blessed.

One of my greatest moments...

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