Saturday, March 27, 2010

This weekend I've had the opportunity to learn about a group called  What an amazing group of people! 

Here's the basics:  group of young people, a website, a video camera, and 14 days of traveling through Indiana to tell people about Komen & raise awareness about breast cancer. 

So freakin' cool!!! The even cooler part is that these are MEN talking to people about breast cancer!  Their putting aside their uncomfortable awkward feelings about talking to women about the breasts & getting out there to make a difference.  AMAZING! 

So amazing that you totally have to check them out at!!!

As for where I am on the journey to my pink goal.  I'm up to walking 7 miles per day, catching up with great friends who are willing to walk with me, learning so much about myself, and taking things one step at a time (literally).  I've lost almost 40 pounds while feelin stronger & more powerful then ever.  I have 7 months left until I reach my goal.  Its all happening so fast but I'm lovin' it!  Everyone's so encouraging & so motivating!  What a gift this entire journey has been.  I can see the finish line's going to be awesome!


  1. Wow -- I got goosebumps reading about YOUR journey! 40 lbs is amazing. Will look forward to learning more about your adventure! I'm doing my first walk this year -- Washington D.C.!

  2. D.C. would be amazing but I would cry even more probably...the beauty of our nation's capital always makes me weepy. Combine that with the 3day & I'd be a mess for sure. Keep up the great work & keep me posted on your progress!!!!!!