Monday, March 8, 2010

Dancing was this weekend's cardio

This weekend I attended the Black & White International Ball.  It is always a great time & an awesome fundraiser supporting the Fort Wayne Urban League.  In fact, I participate in the planning of the event so it was extra special to see our community come out in support of a great cause.  As you can imagine it was a lot of planning & set up that morning before the big night.  Then of course the afternoon was spent with lots of prepping...nails, hair (that I worried mocked Ivana Trump), makeup (redone twice because I couldn't get it right), careful shaved legs, borrowing a great bracelet from a girl friend, and the perfect dress that I felt great in. 

I was ready and out the door by 5:30 but admit to being a little nervous.  My dress (see the pic of me cuttin'  a rug) was unlike anything I normally wear. It was a fitted & a burgendy jewel tone that was a bit bold for a black & white ball (I was the only one in color that night).  My incredible friend Steve often doubles as my personal stylist & as usual he was dead on about the dress.  It was a huge hit!  Everyone kept asking me what I was doing because I seemed to be "glowing" and looked great.  What an amazing feeling to know that I didn't just look like I dropped a few pounds but that what I was doing for myself in training for the 3 day is showing on the outside.  Talk about great validation! 

Steve & I danced all night as well.  At the Gala in November I couldn't keep up with everyone on the dance floor because I was simply too tired.  That wasn't the case this time!  We danced & laughed & felt great.  Trust me the next morning I realized the muscles used for dancing are different than the ones used for walking.  I felt it a little bit Sunday morning but still had the energy to head to Indy for a little birthday celebration with my family where the Cheesecake Factory is a tradition for my sister Bernadette & I who share a birthday month.  Yes, I did have their amazing cheesecake but this year we shared the FANTASTIC red velvet cheesecake instead of eating one by ourselves.  With B's wedding & the 3Day this year we were willing to splurge but stay in check.  It was perfect!  I love sharing my birthday with family especially when they haven't seen me in a while & can't stop commenting on how much I glow.  Selfish perhaps, but it felt great!  Almost as great as I imagine we'll feel crossing the finish line in October.  I can feel it!  It's gonna be great!

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