Monday, January 16, 2012

The dream of being cancer free

Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. didn't mention breast cancer in his famous speech decades ago but I have no doubt that treating "all men equal" meant providing them health care and finding a cure.  I've heard cancer called the "equalizer".  It doesn't discriminate.   So why should finding a cure? 

I don't normally get on a political rant, at least not on this blog, so today you'll need to excuse me if it offends you.  Living the dream and seeing the Promise Land means having the same ability to get treatment and care for cancer as the person next door with better insurance and a bigger savings account.  This is America after all.  We are to treat all as equals here.  Finding a cure through treatment or drugs or genetic testing shouldn't be limited to one group of people who can afford it.  Their lives are no more valuable then anyone elses.  This must be available for all people if we're going to live out the Dream Dr. King spoke of. 

This is why I walk.  This is why I believe in Komen.  Komen sees everyone the same.  At the 3day, I never find myself thinking about anyone else's money or whether they deserve more than someone else.  We're all in it together.  Kindness really does rock.  I've heard it called the "pink bubble", but maybe it's time we bring our entire worlds into the bubble instead of letting it burst when we leave.  How do we do that?  We keep walking, keep giving, keep voting for leaders that will fight for all of us to have that dream, for all of us who "deserve a lifetime".

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