Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Making training a priority

A lot has changed since I did the 2010 3 Day. With a new job, new family, and new commitments in my community I'm realizing that training is going to have to be a scheduled priority in my life. It's one more way the 3day helps us feel (even if at a minimal level) what it's like to go through cancer treatment. Life does have to change and you do have to make taking care of yourself a priority. Oh how different life would be if I could remember that all of the time!

So I'm working at scheduling in my workouts and juggling all of the other priorities that come wth training and leading a team. This year I'm sticking close to the Komen 3 Day training program which means I'll start that program Feb. 26. Until then I'm building my cardio strength and have added strength training to my workout routine. Last year I also changed how I ate going to mostly organic foods and giving up my beloved Diet Coke. I don't miss the processed foods but there are days when I really miss Diet Coke. Most days I'm fine but there are those days.

So until Feb 26, I'll be strength training with a small amount of cardio on Monday and Friday with all cardio Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. My hope is to build my endurance for 3 days at a time and build muscle on the other days. Fingers crossed!

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