Monday, January 9, 2012

Team work

When I brought up the idea of completing a 2nd Komen 3Day, my husband quickly reminded me that I said I would never do it again.  Ironically, he was in full support of me doing another 3Day but was honoring the promise he made to me after the Tampa event to "never let me commit to that again".  Certainly a tough spot for someone who wants to support me in everything I do.

As we began to talk through it, the idea of starting a team was born.  I was fortunate enough to be a part of "Thanks for the Mammories" in Tampa because a coworker of my walking partner, Sylvia, was on that team.  They took us in and helped us through the entire race.  Being part of a team was a great experience and one I'm thankful for.  So we started a Fort Wayne team. 

Team "Fort Cure" will participate in the Chicago 3Day this August (the team is open so anyone can join us).  Any walker knows that the steps you take are yours and yours alone.  Only you can cross that finish line.  Much like fighting cancer, the journey is one that only you can complete.  However, being a part of something bigger than your own struggles makes the journey worth it.  Having a friend to lean on and cheer you on and encourage you to take that next step in the walk or your treatment makes all of the difference. 

My hope for "Fort Cure" is that we build each other up through training and fundraising.  We encourage one another, listen to one another, give advice, and even a little push from time to time.  We'll all finish at our own pace and we'll all have our own stories to tell.  If those memories include my amazing team mates than it will be a good year. 

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