Monday, January 2, 2012

Time for round 2

Never say never. If I learned anything in 2011 that was it. Never say never.

When I stepped off the plane from the Tampa 3Day, I said the 3Day was a "bucket list" (I hate that term) type of event for me and I'd never do it again. Well, never has arrived. In August, I will complete my 2nd Komen 3 Day for the Cure. The Chicago 3 Day to be exact. This time, with a team of rockstars.

Part of me says I can't believe I'm doing it while another part of me says I can't believe I didn't do it last year. I can say I honestly missed training, blogging, and focusing on the goal. It was good to take a year off and rest. Now I know for sure that it's what I really want to do. I'm stronger mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically when I train for an event like this. My focus is bette and my committment to myself stays priority #1.

Plus, I've learned a few lessons with a 3day under my belt. #1 Keep track of your socks. I lost mine in a move shortly before the race and my feet really paid the price. #2 Walk in a similar climate you train in. Because my long training walks were in Indiana and the walk was in Tampa, I really felt the effects of the heat on my feet. #3 Train with someone at least part of the time. It was good to have some alone time on my walks but I'm to social to train for the entire thing on my own. That's why I'm forming a team this year.

"Fort Cure" as we're calling it is open for anyone to join. I'm encouraging everyone to start building their cardio strength and then we'll start of the 6 month training program Komen gives us. (I LOVE all of the tools they provide for us!) I'll be blogging again about our experiences as a team and about this new Pink Goal as well.

And for those of you wondering what I was doing this past year. Well, I married that incredible man I met while training for the 2010 3Day and we're settling into our lives in Indiana. I'm now a "momish" to an amazing 14 year old boy from my husband's first marriage and have been speaking to various groups on motivation and what I learned from my first 3day experience. For more on our lives as urbanites living in the country's biggest small town you can check out our blog at:

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