Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Leaving Komen behind.

The following was posted to the My Pink Goal facebook page this afternoon, "It's with a broken heart that I've decided not to participate or continue building a team for the Chicago 3 Day. I simply can't support Komens decision to defund Planned Parenthood. I ask that those who were considering donating donate to a local non Komen provider of breast cancer screenings or directly to Planned Parenthood to assist them in funding the 170,000 screenings they provided to women (and men) in need.
 When I say I'm broken hearted I mean that with the most sincerity possible.  As a prior 3Day walker who was planning her second 3day I've supported Komen for years.  I was the National Sponsor Liaison for Komen Indy for 7 years, served on the Komen Northern Indiana Board, and walked in several Race for the Cure's in the Midwest.  My friends and family all know that the go to gift for me is something Komen.  It's in my blood at this point so the realization that I'm leaving them behind is devestating.  
The two things I find most difficult to comprehend include 
A) that Komen is giving in to pressure from anti-choice groups about an issue that doesn't even pertain to their cause.  I've been on their board.  I know first hand how detailed they are with their grant recipients.  They know these funds are going to breast cancer screenings and nothing else.  They've caved.  They spent the last 30 years standing up to the bullies that wanted to push women's health care issues aside and now they've caved.  
B) They expect me to buy their line that this wasn't a political decision.  The math is simple.  Hire a anti-choice VP of Policy who ran her campaign for Georgia Governor (which she lost-luckily for the people in Georgia) on a strong opposition to Planned Parenthood then immediately put policies into place that will take Planned Parenthood out of the running for grant funding.  This means that the 700,000 screenings they boast drops to 530,000.  That math equals a 25% decrease in services by defunding Planned Parenthood.   I've heard the saying, don't spit in my face and tell me it's raining.  Today, I understand what that means.  Further more, their statement saying that they need to set the record straight.  The PR person in me knows that means "You idiots are wrong and we're about to tell you why".  Don't ask me for my money all these years, make me feel like I'm part of a family, and then assume I'm not smart enough to see when you're lying to me and everyone else.
I've supported Komen because they support me.  A young woman who came from a lower middle class family that used services from organizations such as Planned Parenthood.  Yes, I'm a Komen donor and a former Planned Parenthood client.  How could then in good faith support their decision to walk away from an agency so vital to so many women and men in this country?  
What's next for My Pink Goal?  I can honestly say I don't know.  Would I return to Komen if they changed their mind?  It's hard to say but I doubt it.  
I do ask that you continue supporting breast cancer screenings for all women of all social classes by finding non-Komen agencies that fund these screenings in your area.  A simple google search will help you determine who out there is providing these services. 

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