Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer's more fun when you feel good

It's July 1 &  a beautiful day in Fort of those rare low humidty days in the midwest that remind you how great summer can be.  I have always loved summer.  Spending time with family, summers on the lake, cookouts, great food, baseball, summer dresses, etc.  LOVE! LOVE! LOVE Summer! 

What I'm really loving about this summer is how much more I'm enjoying it because I'm healthier.  I still have a ways to go before I reach my goals, but am shocked at how much better this feels.  It's not just being physically healthier, it's the overall change in my outlook that seems to make things more enjoyable.  I honestly think I look at things different.  I actually don't mind sweating during my workouts...loosing my makeup due to it running down my face during a long summer walk...breathing heavy because I'm working to get my heart rate up...etc.  Those things used to make me miserable.  Now, I actually enjoy even shopping for workout clothes.  Who knew!??!? 

I'm even enjoying the benefits of meeting someone new this summer.  As many of you know, I'd pledged a "sabbactical" in the beginning of my journey from drinking and dating.  It made sense at the time, especially since I needed to get focused on my training.  As things have become more balanced I've been able to ease up on that a little bit.  While it's still very new, I am excited that I have met someone I really enjoy & really look forward to sharing the fun summer activities with.  Instead of backing away slowly once he heard about my training for the 3 Day, he's encouraging me & cheering for me.  It's pretty awesome.  I have no doubt feeling better about myself is allowing me to enjoy getting to know him even more.  I kind of like the unexpected effects working toward My Pink Goal is having & am looking forward to many more!

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  1. Dang! I haven't found a man from my trainings. AND this is my second year. LOL...Great job on the continued determination. Those 3 days will be here faster then you realize.